Designing A Website For A Restaurant

Web Design For The Restaurant Industry

web design for restaurantsThe Toronto restaurant industry is and will always be, booming for the simple fact that ‘food’ is indispensable to our survival. There will always be a demand.

However, fulfilling that demand is becoming more and more challenging as we progress as a species.

It is no longer enough to simply have a restaurant or the means to advertise it, these days. The main factor in becoming a popular and attractive place to eat is ‘wow’ factor, both in regards to how you advertise and secondly and perhaps most importantly – the quality of the food on offer.

Any restaurant worth its salt these days has a website designed by professionals which not only compliments its image, but also makes it easy for new customers to navigate the menu on offer and get what they need within a minute or two – at most.

There are actually a number of actions you can take whilst designing the layout of your website, in order to attract more hungry customers and encourage news of your restaurant to spread by word-of-mouth.

Follow these simple to implement steps and your restaurant website will be up there alongside the greats.

Easy to find and read menu

There is a reason people are online checking out your website – to save time. Make sure your menu is easily accessible, right there on your homepage; after all, that is why they are there in the first place.

Make sure you provide enough info for customers to find your restaurant

Utilize free mapping services and ‘show’ your customers exactly where you are in the world. Don’t simply leave an address as not everyone is as equally proficient at tracking those addresses down and may some will simply not bother. Show them where you are – on a map.

Beautiful photos of your food

Of course, this goes without saying. Your homepage should be a montage of colorful photos depicting the fine selection of food in your restaurant.

Provide as many ways as possible to reserve a table

Make it as easy as possible for customers to reserve a table by providing a number of ways, such as phone numbers, online order forms through sites like or or fax orders.

With fax orders, be sure to provide a printable form and if you have no form, be sure to tell customers of the information you require, down to the tiniest detail.

Keep your site up-to-date

This is one detail that really grates on the nerves of your customer, complaints about this abound all over the net. Your menu, your special offers and seasonal offerings etc. should all be up-to-date.

Believe it or not, failure to do so could make or break your restaurant as least as far as the website is concerned.

Include an integrated menu

Refrain from providing your menu in PDF form. This is just a step too far for most customers – to have to download a file in order to see your food.

Make your site sharable

Include sharing buttons on your page for sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest etc. so pleased customers can share your site, helping you get exposure for free!

Include reviews on the first page

Set aside a small section on the side bar to show reviews of your restaurant. Every little helps.

Events calendar

If you routinely have special events occurring, why not keep customers updated with a calendar – a regularly updated one, of course.


Provide a blog that informs readers of things like your history, the history of the food you offer, recipes and other interesting culinary facts and tidbits.

Not only will this increase your customer relationship, but also result in more exposure for your website through the use of ‘keywords’ and social sharing.

Call-to-action points

Remember; it’s all about ease of use. Place call-to-action words and phrases like ‘Click here to order now’ throughout your homepage and site to make it easy for customers to order.

Keep those offers in eye-shot

It’s no good having special offers and discount coupons etc. if your customers can not see them. Make sure you choose a position above the fold on your homepage to present your special offers.

Be diligent and delete and replace these offers as soon as they expire as this inspires confidence in your service.

Follow the above steps and your restaurant website is sure to gain a healthy following, as well as a constant stream of interested and hungry customers.

Update often and provide a means to share your website’s content and news, and your professional and customer-friendly Toronto restaurant website design will gain popularity in no time.


Toronto Web Designers And The Importance Of Web Design

TorontoWebsites, like merchandise, are built in many different forms and configurations. However, a website’s size is defined by how many pages it has and its extra features. These can include blogging platforms, flash and other elements that can be bought to make the client interaction with the website much friendlier.

However, no matter how many elements you’ve placed into your blog, there are certain fundamental elements that are crucial when creating a website because this will make the difference between keeping visitors and losing them.

Website design and navigation is probably the most important factor when building a site for personal or business reasons according to web designers in Toronto. There are many important reasons why a site must be properly designed so we will discuss the best three reasons.

So Visitors Can Find What They’re Looking For

First, a site that has been created correctly allows for easy navigation which further leads to info being found by the visitor. Remember that a person is visiting your website for a particular reason and enabling them to find that content quickly means your site will be highly recommended or will ensure a return stop.

People visit the website to locate trusted content so if your website can offer the material with ease that means that you have just gained a loyal visitor. Stats reveal that twenty percent of folks who check out any particular website will exit before even going to another page if they find it very difficult to locate the info they are looking for.

Now 20 percent may not seem to be a lot but think about how many people use the net every day so you can be possibly losing thousands of visitors every day. Additionally, if you are promoting a product or service these 20 % individuals could have been a potential transaction.

More Sales

The next reason a properly designed site will benefit you is because it will help improve sales and your service ability. When folks go shopping they prefer to find products effortlessly and this means finding the product and info on the product pretty much right away.

If the info is found and the visitor requires the service or product you are most likely going to transform that user into a customer. It is human nature to go shopping only at places that you find comfortable and having info available easily is likely the top way to make that shopper feel comfortable.

Be Seen By Search Engines

Finally having a correctly designed website can perform fantastic when it comes time for your website to be indexed by Google. Designing a site that meets high expectations suggests that the “meta tags” and “titles” are in the proper spot. This also suggests that the site is organized and images are labeled properly.

Search engines prefer a website which has been developed in such a way because it makes it much easier to view over the material and place you in the appropriate ranks among other sites. A websites layout establishes presence and trustworthiness because better rankings suggests that folks will feel more confident going through info off your site compared to others that they have checked out previously.

Many people are brand new to site design so finding a mutual understanding on what defines a well “constructed” website can be varying among many designers. The top technique to learn these situations is to do a little bit of homework and find what stands out.

As an example, when looking over information on the web you find that a bulk of sources note the significance of navigation then you know that it must be vital. Try to find a common ground and see what is gone over the most throughout design which will help you get started in the best direction.

If this is something that still doesn’t suit your abilities then you can always hire a Toronto web designer, and based on the skill that many designers have you can expect to get quality work. The best thing to do is shop around prior to making your final decision.